Re-animating production sites!

Whether they are industrial or tertiary, robotized, automated or manual; during more than
12 years of Ergonoma Journal, manufacturers of equipment, developers, distributors,
occupational health professionals, all, making up the world of work, are not only confronted with innovation, digital time, new business models, but above all to new ways of seeing and living the business world.

From the refined and elegant office for the reception of privileged customers to the layout
of functional and well designed open spaces, composed flexible up and down workplaces
or workbenches, digital tools, high – performance accessories , all aim to promote the
image of the company and the well-being of employees. A well-being due in part to the
technology that now allows us to work anytime and anywhere, a choice for everyone. We
are told that happy collaborators are fully invested and become the first ambassadors of
their company!

You will read carefully the focus on the screen arms and the first part of the file dedicated
to "acoustic pods" which will continue in the next editions of Ergonoma Journal.
And as every two years, this issue also offers a "preview" dedicated to the partners of the
" Ergonomics Village " at the A + A 2017 in Düsseldorf, the World Congress and Exhibition
for Personal Protection, Corporate Security and Occupational Health, October 17-20,