European Pillar of Social Rights- delivering new rights for workers of all ages

The European Pillar of Social Rights, presented by the European Commission in April 2017, consists of 20 principles covering equal opportunities and access to labour market: fair working conditions; and social protection.

The Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign supports these principles, most notably through the collection and dissemination of good practices, and by supporting the sharing of experiences.

For example, the principle concerning the right of workers to a high level of protection of their health and safety at work that includes the right to a working environment adapted to the individual needs of workers.

The Commission is exploring ways to increase access to social protection for self-employed and gig-economy workers (short-term, flexible or part-time jobs), ensuring more workers are protected. This will be of particular help to younger workers who are increasingly employedunder precarious employment conditions like zero-hour contracts.