Wilkhahn (Germany)

Movement. Concentration. Relaxation.
Psychologists, physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists agree in considering the movement as a vital need.

The challenge goes beyond the ‘bad back’,  the proper functioning of the intervertebral discs and salutary solicitation of various joints. In fact, the whole organism is concerned – from the ability to face stress to productivity, including welfare. In short: in tertiary environments, movement directly affects health and is therefore a crucial parameter.

At Wilkhahn, we have worked for a long time to bring the movement in workspaces. Since the 70s, the study “From forced posture to dynamic sitting” announced a journey punctuated by disruptive innovations and seats which are among the major achievements of the aesthetic and functional tertiary furniture. Recent studies of activity thresholds have only confirmed, demonstrating the crucial importance of the movement, that we had the right approach.

The evolution of today technologies and materials allows us to open to the concept of dynamic sitting a new dimension – that of cinematic 3D Trimension®. The result: well-being, concentration, and a relaxed posture conducive to efficiency.
Test the Wilkhahn swivel chairs with Trimension®. For  dynamic 3D sitting at its best.

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