2018 is here!

What should we wish you?
We wish you a beautiful, prosperous year. A year where health and well-being at work rhyme with crucial!

May our workspace, now shareable, be also friendly. Ergonoma Journal, as it has been doing for 13 years now, will have increased ergonomic vigilance for workstations.
It will continue his role as ambassador, to all prescribers, operators and distributors, who have devoted their know-how to the development of workstations. Whether they are for industrial production, spaces dedicated to the tertiary world, and to all those who design object, workstation or setup, workshop, process, layout of adapted workstation for operator with disability, … etc.
Ergonoma Journal is the European magazine active for a better quality of life at work. Some news from the big trade shows that have already re-opened their doors are featured in this issue. From the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, to IMM (International Möbelmesse) in Cologne, or Stockholm Furniture and Light fair in Sweden.
Not to mention ergonomists, architects and designers who are accustomed to offer us their latest achievements, occupational physicians, nurses, and consulting firms who explain their diagnoses and approaches to successful achievements within contexts and needs related to ergonomics of workstations, environment, organization and all elements that can affect the quality of life at work.

Thank you all, we rely on you!