When the material used becomes the mechanism: SILQ the office seat that redefines the design of the seats.!!!

SILQ SILQ by Steelcase , is designed to adapt to the way individuals work today. Thanks to an innovation in materials science and a patent-pending process, Steelcase’s designers and engineers have created a new highperformance polymer material that draws on the qualities of carbon fiber for a price that is accessible to a mass market. “We were inspired by the Aerospace, the movement of a high-performance prosthetic leg, among others, to understand how the combination of advanced materials and form could create a simple, incredibly thin, extremely robust and responsive system. ” says James Ludwig, Vice President, Global Design and Engineering, Steelcase.

Ludwig and his team have imagined replacing the hundreds of pieces needed to create a fully adjustable office chair with a simple system, where the material used becomes the mechanism. The team first created a premium version of SILQ in carbon fiber. But to be accessible to all publics, they had to go even further in innovation. They continued to prototype and invented a new material and manufacturing process producing a high performance polymer that behaves like carbon fiber. SILQ adapts to the posture and stature of each user because of the way the material, design and movement of the human body meet. The height is the only adjustment needed for a customized and unique experience. “The simplicity of this seat means that anyone sitting in SilQ will be supported and delighted, no matter where and how they work,” adds James Ludwig. The seat will be available in new high-performance polymer as well as carbon fiber, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the fall of 2018.