Cast off with the Old time

This Ergonoma Journal’s issue is wholly devoted to new tools. From the cruel “soon-to-be obsolete” to the new products meant to allow us working in an easier manner, with “joy and good humour”. All of these to be discovered at ORGATEC 2018 in a month time. This biennial “high mass” is dedicated to tertiary materials and, as a new addition, gives a large place to architects. It offers them spaces, dedicated conferences, a wide range of materials, and the possibility to study simulations of developments. Ergonoma has made its own “technological watch”: you will find throughout our topics plenty of novelty to try over there.
On another note, as announced few weeks ago, we were conducting a large global study on “the 10 trends that transform organizations in a sustainable way”. A study made with one of our European expert partners, BICG. We didn’t use any crystal ball, our purpose is not to predict what will happen in the future, but to provide you with information we consider essential to envisage new working methods. The study is based on observations by BICG in the field. From small and medium-sized companies to large international groups, in Europe and other continents. You will find, page 24/25 links that will redirect you to this full Exclusive Study.