Comfortable office chair offers complete adjustable support.

What about trusting a professional in the seating of “long-distance” transporters and agricultural machinery:  Every day, it allows thousands of drivers of technical vehicles to sit comfortably and safely in KAB seats.
KAB work chairs offer you the possibility of various adjustments in your workplace so that you do not have to sit in a fixed position all the time. Our choice, the KAB Air Comfort System (ACS) office chairs: here we enter the real “customized”, individually adjustable.

The KAB Seating Air Comfort system has several airbags – three in the lumbar area, two in the side back cushions and one under the thighs – giving you the ideal support where you need it. To mold the chair to your own body, simply press a button, and the electric pump supplies air to support the area of your choice. Simply press the + symbol to inflate and the – symbol to deflate. A power charger is provided to boost the 12v, the recyclable battery is rechargeable every 3-4 months (subject to use).