The art of creating spaces that tell a story.

The “head office” often embodies what the company wants to project, to tell about it. It’s nothing new and it has always existed. With Worlds of Wonder you will be able to lead your own reflection and compare it to the examples and suggestions that are developed there.

This book is about immersive experience design, the art of creating spaces that tell a story. lt’s the result of 25 years of work by one of Europe’s first specialised XD agencies.

Starting in 1991, the authors witnessed the rise of a completely new industry, mixing graphic, spatial and theatrical arts with interaction design and personal growth. Worlds of Wonder is the illustrated summary of that ongoing journey. lt is intended for everyone in the process of revealing their brand, art, history or ideas about the future.

Spatial storytelling is as old as architecture, and modern media technologies have boosted its scale and expressive powers. The more the online world grows, the greater the need becomes for actual spaces of wonder and imagination. People seek out those spaces to indulge in immersive experiences and social interaction. A very exciting industry is emerging. One that is growing in depth and in strength.

This book contains many examples, with the intention of giving you a sense of what works and why, from the psychological foundations of consumer behaviour to practical steps to action. Worlds of Wonder is an invitation to anyone involved in this inspiring field.

Title: Worlds of Wonder /Author: Erik Bär and Stan Boshouwers/272 pages /27 x 21 cm/ ISBN 9,789,063,694,647/Price: €39.00 /Pub. date: 21 November 2018