Flexibility of gravity, to maximize productivity and increase efficiency safely and ergonomically.

Seen at Cannes 21 and 22 November 2018, at “TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS MEETINGS”, the Transport and the entire logistics chain tradeshow.

Presented by UVO Technologies, specialized in the field of internal transport systems for modern warehouse and bulk logistics. Uvo Technologies represents the sales of FMH Conveyors for France and Benelux, Rulmeca products for the Benelux region as well as Interroll Automation and Gebhardt Fördertechnik for Belgium.

All kinds of non-palletized packages can be loaded and unloaded with the FMH Conveyors BestReach telescopic conveyor. It allows to load and unload any nonpalletized goods, limiting the time of loading and unloading considerably. It adapts to any type of trailer or container. The telescopic conveyor is a stretchable system that fits perfectly into any type of trailer or container. The extension possibilities are from 5.0 to 18.0 m and the transport speed is 0 – 50 m / minute. It is equipped with a tilting hydraulic platform to raise and lower the operator to an optimized working height on the trailer. Several options can be added to this system to enhance ergonomics and productivity. It is designed with an ergonomic operating height of 750-850 mm. This allows warehouse staff to sort cartons more quickly and easily, minimizing the need to lift and transport heavy loads.

The BestConnect helps reduce the number of occupational injuries including MSDs. Unlike floor-mounted conveyor systems, the MaxxReach deploys effortlessly in the trailer at the touch of a button by a single operator, without touching the floor of the trailer. As an option, the conveyor can be equipped with an electronic flow control system. Controls stop the engines sequentially when the system reaches saturation to prevent the accumulation and collapse of cartons. As can be seen from the video above, the conveyor can be effortlessly moved in and out of the trailer by a single operator at the touch of a button.

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