When the StartUp world is a source of inspiration for Steelcase!

With this new “Bivi” product line from one of Steelcase’s brands – TURNSTONE – each workspace tells its own story.
Now is the time to redefine the boundaries between the office and home with a bold brushstroke and contemporary design.
Designed with teams in mind, Bivi brings insight-led simplicity to modular, reconfigurable benching systems.
But “Bivi” is something else than a line of products, it is an inspiration, a philosophy based on the observation of  the habits of a generation, who knows how to mix work and passion.
Bivi presents a workspace to modulate “by hand”, conducive to collaboration, creativity and innovation, the very
definition of “start up”, where all employees can express their personality. A line full of “smart” accessories
such as bike rack, or windsurf board.
Just like the active seat “Buoy” whose base is shaped as a “culbuto”: it allows to move moderately but frequently
throughout the day as the prevention of health advocates. But it’s more, it is to be adapted to the “big stirrers”
of the “startup” generation.
What is striking is the extreme modularity of this line, cubes to store tables to work and exchange, with these
little extras, resulting from the observation carried by the designer to
better adhere to the postural habits of the new generations.
Whatever your style and no matter your passion, Bivi has a way to celebrate the unique thumbprint left on every space.
With Bivi storage, residents of the space have room to keep documents and project assets, and mobile workers can stash and dash  before
starting the day.
Make sure your office has everything you need to stay tidy with these

options: Turnstone is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs maximize the

impact of their dreams by creating spaces that support innovation,
collaboration and dynamic office culture.

Source Turnstone