« Chance favors the prepared mind » – Pasteur (1822-1895)

Even if Pasteur was talking about scientific observations, in 2019 this sentence can be applied to all those who are looking for best processes for a calm, appeased and constructive business coexistence

Well-being at work, innovation, social and joint liability, transparency…agile decision-making of managers becomes a key competence.To help you master these expectations as much as possible within your companies or institutions, we have produced an exclusive EXPERT DOSSIER for Ergonoma Journal
«The new leadership: human being at the heart of systems and decisions » to read p 14.
2018 was a year full of innovation with ORGATEC’s edition: you will find some of the products presented in the INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS section.

With this first issue of the year 2019, we offer you a preview of Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair dedicated to the best of Scandinavian creation in the world: come and meet us stand AG:07.

The entire Ergonoma Journal team and its advertising agency Mediareclame are sending you their best wishes for 2019

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