The Bug – An outdoor desk

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[Seen at Stockholm Furniture & light fair 2018.] Sweden is facing a challenge; people’s health and well-being are at the center of debate along with the physical and psychological stress of constantly being online. This has resulted in more individuals developing mental illnesses and other sicknesses relating to stress. Mental health is going downhill in relation to people’s age and young people are sitting indoors. Approximately 35 000 people are on sick leave today due to severe stress. Sleep, fatigue and anxiety are the main problems and many people feel that they are struggling to recover. Recovery can be solved by spending time in restorative environments, such as being outdoors and experiencing nature.

We are spending more of our time indoors than ever before. As a result, we are missing out on the beneficial health effects of spending time outside”. Lovisa and Frida Pettersson from Sweden have designed an outdoor desk called “The Bug”. This chair offers rotatable features and protects the user – and the user’s computer – from unwelcoming sunlight, weather and wind. The Bug is designed and handmade in Gävle, Sweden, through Lovisa of Sweden company.

The Bug consists, amongst other things, of pine from Swedish forests that are heated instead of impregnated with chemicals. The heating process means that the pine can be thrown in the compost when it is worn out. Furthermore, it has a longer life span than impregnated wood. The chair is made of Swedish steel; it is powder-lacquered in order to generate the lowest possibility of harmful impacts, making it safe this way for those involved in the production and it does not emit any dangerous chemicals in the nature.

Three quotes by Lovisa Pettersson:

“This is an innovation, there is nothing similar on today’s market. Sustainability is something we highly prioritize ecologically, economically and socially, and The Bug meets several of the UN’s global targets for 2030.”

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“Spending time outdoors provides us with fresh air and vitamin-D. It can increase people’s well-being and creativity and reduce sedentary and stress. It may also increase the possibility of meaningfulness and enjoyment at work, and in life in general.”

“I have several ideas on outdoor working solutions and I hope to be able to develop a collection within the next year.”

Today, the company is run by Lovisa under the name Lovisa of Sweden. The company was established at the end of October 2018 and the outdoor desk has just been introduced to the market.