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Ergonoma Journal, present as a media partner, this year as for more than 10 years, of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019, makes a “little tour” of its discoveries.

Surprisingly, despite the calendar proximity of the SFLF 2019 to ORGATEC (October 2018), some of the exhibitors presented real novelties. However, the majority, including the world’s largest operators in the sector, were more inclined to explain the traceability of the materials they use, all reflecting a unity of uses, shapes and colors. The booths featured work space layouts allowing to decipher and visualize the evolutions of these “Flex Offices” spaces, now practically as “self-service” in the companies. All combined with the Scandinavian concept of inspiring offices, which breaks with the monotony of “uniform” offices.

Ergonoma Journal

Ergonoma Journal chose to install its stand with products from the Swedish manufacturer Sun Flex. Choice of seating: the Sun Flex ACTIVE height-adjustable stool, active and dynamic seating, which intuitively stimulates the abdominal muscles, strengthens the back and increases blood circulation. This posture is equivalent to that which one can have on a bike or during riding practice. The active sitting function is provided by the domed base, while the height of the chair offers the advantage of an increased hip angle. For lighting the Ergonoma Journal stand, we chose the DLITE Led Table Lamp which combines functional and adjustable lighting with contrast enhancement properties and faithful color rendering (IRC> 90). Gradation and color temperature settings are accessible and allow intuitive operation via elegant touch controls, in combination with the smart display that shows time, date and indoor temperature.

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is a pioneering fair in its true sense.

Created in 1951, it coincides with the strong trend of Scandinavian design, ten years before the first Milan Furniture Fair. The event has long been modestly focused on the Nordic market only, but this is no longer the case today. As proof: international buyers converge on the Swedish capital in early February.
The design made in Scandinavia continues to reinvent itself and combines, in symbiosis, tributes and experimentation, craftsmanship and innovation. Its philosophy is based on ethical and strategic trends perfectly in line with contemporary societal expectations, including the ecological conscience instilled in everyday life.

The presence of “young independent brands” is a real breath of “fresh air”. They are the ones who give the “tempo” of the novelty. Like Lovisa Sweden AB, which presents The BUG, an outdoor workstation, for vegetated terraces or “vegetable gardens” of companies, Lovisa and Frida Pettersson, from Sweden, designed and built a chair with a rotating central base, incorporating a swivel shelf. . The subtle design of this workstation protects the user and computer from the sun, the weather and the wind. Made by hand in Glaveborg, it is made of Swedish pines, heated instead of being impregnated with chemicals. The heating process means that the pine can be thrown into the compost when it is worn. In addition, its life is longer than that of impregnated wood. The metal frame of the chair is made of powder-coated Swedish steel, in order to generate the least possible risk of harmful impacts, which makes it safe for those involved in production. The BUG does not reject any chemicals in nature.

After ergonomics, intensively explored in Scandinavia since the end of the 60s, it is now acoustic treatment and smart solutions to implement it in open spaces and other places dedicated to co-working that reveal not only the latest technical innovations, but also creative daring. The offices are replaced by common spaces and places designed to promote exchanges and allow more efficient team work. Spaces where multidisciplinary is privileged, with collaborators who know each other better, and therefore work in perfect harmony. There are no more dedicated spaces or hierarchies, but self-service desktops in shared, flexible and connected office spaces.

A real sound absorber from Sweden
HILO Designer Patrick Karisson

Made from a 20 mm thick A-grade absorbent material from recycled trays and bottles of pet food, which is doubled.
Sandwiched inside the two uprights is a 6mm “core” of wood. Hilo from Sweden’s Mount Design is both an effective sound absorber and a sound barrier, behind the screen and for the entire room. Hilo surrounds existing offices of any standard width up to 160 centimeters. Patrick Karlsson, its designer, associated the need to work individually without being disturbed, and the benefits of collaborative work in the same space. And in all simplicity, thanks to a soft electric adjustment, allowing the passage of the acoustic intimacy to the collaborative interaction. Mobile panels up and down are integrated into a “galandage” type chassis lined with a textile coating whose color palette is multiple.

The typology of the stool
Stool Triangle encourages to stay in motion

A small piece of furniture par excellence, continues to inspire designers.As evidenced by the new stool from Stoo / Topcousins ​​Oy Finnish.
Many new products on this stand, including the Stoo® Triangle that makes the static sitting active and encourages to stay in motion. The seating on the front side of the seat in the shape of a rounded corner ensures excellent ergonomic seating comfort.
The rubber sole ensures a good grip on the ground. The seat cushion is narrow enough that the seat can be held by the thighs without putting pressure on the buttocks. Stoo® Triangle is in total osmosis with an adjustable desk. Triangle is also ideal for meeting rooms, schools and bars.
It is proven: “The more the daily time spent in a sitting position, the shorter the life expectancy”. This posture, when it extends over several hours in a row, will cause aches from the head to the feet.

Mobile workstation
GetUpDesk for the laptop users

Ergo Finland has created the total antidote with a mobile workstation, which allows you to transport and deploy in front of you a complete ergonomic desk. With GetUPDesk  and the GYMBA balance board we talked about the benefits on venous return several times on the website and in Ergonoma Journal. Office hours are used to keep fit. The set allows to work standing without an adjustable table. GetUpDesk was developed for the laptop user in order to reduce the time spent on a seat. It is suitable for work, home, cottage or even traveling. GetUpDesk is adjustable to nine different heights. Both products are entirely made in Finland.

Intimacy, respect for others and well-being

This is the “red thread” that we followed throughout the stands. Brands deploying a lot of design and technologies to present “acoustic booths”.

We selected a few manufacturers noted for their effort in sound insulation, design and ease of use. Among them, Silent Lab, coming from the Czech Republic, presented its MicroOffice UNIQ, with its iconic all glazed roof and its dynamic ventilation. Here, the design meets the function, so much so that it could be a decorative object integrating itself naturally into the environment. Micro Office UNIQ allows to keep in touch with others while preserving the intimacy of each one, moreover, it improves the acoustics in its zone: a nice range to modulate spaces without “cutting” the temporary occupants of MicroOffices from their shared space.

The end of blind walls and dead corners in open spaces
INTO POD accessible to wheelchair usres

First and foremost, at “INTO the Nordic Silence”, we asked the right questions:
“How to optimize the use of space?
What is the right amount of support space and how to place it in space? How work environment can contribute to the well-being of space users? How to make these spaces accessible to all ?”
The two major themes developed by INTO the Nordic Silence on its stand are accessibility and innovation. A real analysis of the behavior has been undertaken and the modules created correspond in every respect to the expectation, since each structure corresponds to an activity that requires confidentiality, concentration or sharing. For the first time, special attention has been reserved for people with reduced mobility.

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The INTO POD spaces, with the exception of POD PHONE telephone booths, are available with a wide door and are also accessible to wheelchair users. In accordance with accessibility requirements, a wheelchair ramp can be installed in the POD room as well as an optional automatic door.

Sans designer Argo Tamm

Why not combining these spaces with sofas ?The company Softrend (20 years of experience) has presented its sofa “Sans” fully made in Estonia for use in public spaces. It is the ideal place to work comfortably, power outlets and USB port allow to stay connected to the rest of the world. A private corner and a structured private area. We love the particularly neat seat and back cushions: a piece of “haute couture” furniture, designer Argo Tamm.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EJ-retour-stockholm-table-théo-british.jpeg

Our look was attracted by a folding table from the British New Design Group: Theo, very aesthetic, designer Simon Pengelly, it is a flexible dual-use table, for meetings or meals.
The rectangular tray is available in several sizes, either laminate, veneer, stained or lacquered. The slice of the tray has a subtle, convex cut “look”, which visually reduces the thickness of the edge and improves aesthetics.

Kaara set from “Reading room”

Noticed on the stand of Vivero (located in the district Arabia in Helsinki, that gather designers) a “fun” mobile workstation on wheels associated with a stool with worktop height also on whee!

Moving with extreme fluidity this “Kaara” set from “Reading room” range is perfect for organizing training meetings. Using little space, it can also allow temporary work. Whether you work alone or in a group, Kaara can be quickly moved from one place to another. And why not Half a Cup, design Henri Judin: a hybrid space separation furniture. The user can choose between an open or closed space. By performing a 180 ° turn, the persons can create their own territory in a public space, stifle the surrounding sounds and relax to take a call, work or catch their breath. The frame is made of steel, seat and backrest are covered with fabric, the walls are made of textile soundproofing material and 100% wool felt.
Little footprint: width 1350, height 1700, depth 1200 mm.

Offices aren’t only work-spaces but also spaces of life

It is in this sense that today a work of art, a table, a sculpture or carpet participates in the environment and the well-being of the occupants of the shared spaces.

Un Tapis A Paris “Place des Fêtes”

To preserve the uniqueness of the creations, the house is committed to that each model does not exceed 8 copies even for its permanent collection including the round carpet PLACE DES FETES by Un Tapis a Paris, declined in four colors, realized by the best European manufacturers. While in the collection “Prestige” edition of artists, each carpet is signed and numbered, such as the one presented “J FOR YELLOW” by Christian ROUX (entirely made in France).

Sky Wall designer Stéfan Borseliu

Animating living space of offices in the prettiest ways while being efficient, it is the dual mission that has set the Swedish ABSTRACTA, with its acoustic treatment with a constantly renewed design. We have “flashed” for the “Sky wall” model by the designer Stefan Borselius. The wall version of Sky fits with magnets on specially designed metal brackets, mounted on any wall. There is also a ceiling version “Sky Ceiling”

My Place & My Place Maxi ;design Christel Mässon

Another sound absorber, Wobedo Design AB is a design company founded in 2007 in Lund, Sweden, which designs and produces decorative acoustic absorbers for walls, tables, floors and suspended partitions. We opted for My Place ™ and My Place Maxi ™ discovered by Ergonoma Journal in 2017.
Design: Christel Månsson, MFA interior designer. They are multi-functional, soundproofing for a personalized space, unique on the market. A “nomad” wall panel when folded, or personal protection when unfolded on the table (see image). Multifunctional screens My Place and My Place Maxi are the only table screens that make your own workstation quiet and privatized. In February 2017, FILD took part in the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, being the first ever Ukrainian brand presented at Scandinavia’s largest trade fair. Present in 2019, the color of the year was the green “fir”, to stick closer to the Scandinavian spirit of vast forests.

LL2 suspension by Fild (2019)

The new LL2 suspension was designed and produced by FILD in early 2019. The addition to the FILD collection is another versatile lighting option that fits virtually any space. This linear luminaire is ideal for offices. LL2 emits ambient light, softly illuminates your table and provides lighting directly on your worktop, highlighting the beauty of the ultimate simplicity of straight and organic line design. Powder coated steel, aluminum profile and plastic lens. Light source: LED strip / 1300 Lumens / 4000 K / 110-230 VAC (transformer included).

Change the way you work

As a pioneer of the private, soundproofed space, Framery not only produces high-quality modules with beautiful designit also helps you revolutionize the way you work with the latest research and insights from the world of work.

Framery O video conferencing

Simple but meaningful: Framery O video conferencing is ideal for making important calls or participating in videoconferences. Have your discussions in private without disturbing your colleagues. Framery O offers a comfortable and echo-free work environment. The installation is fast and the product is ready for use the day of delivery. Collaborative work arouses specific furniture adapted to this way of working,

A new creative table for meetings

This is how Materia created VAGABOND DUO table, design: Marie Oscarsson. Vagabond Duo table is a new creative table designed for meetings. Unlike Vagabond, it has two trays placed at different heights. You can complete the center wall with accessory drawers, magnets, coat hooks, or a white board to create a functional, creative workstation. In-board power / USB outlets are also available as an option. The wheels on the table allow it to be easily moved as needed and locked to lock it. Base in epoxy lacquer CbM *. Bar in matt chrome steel.

Functional and elegant
Focus Podseat

It could almost be associated with this creation ZILENZIO Focus Podseat: a seat with high backrest and armrest that gives the furniture an intimate and encapsulated, but also a soundproofing and soothing central effect for the room. The room is conceived as a holistic experience where the screen, the bench and the desk become a unit. No matter where the Focus Podseat is placed in the room, against a wall or in the center, it is a functional and elegant piece of furniture.

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