Integration of nature in the office

To start this year 2020, we have chosen to offer you «a breath of nature». In this new issue of Ergonoma Journal, our bias over the headings, is to make you want to weave, one of the natural links of the relationship, between humans and living systems.

The idea of trying to integrate nature through biophilic design is today rarely seen as a luxury in modern professional spaces, but rather as a sensible economic investment, for the health of employees, and their well-being.

We have reported examples of achievements in tertiary spaces like those of Herman Miller, and objects like those created by Alain Gilles designer for Greenmood, that highlight the importance of contact with nature. Some studies show that biophilic conception can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing productivity, creativity, with better cognitive performance, better emotional and mood disposition for a better quality of life at work.

You will also read our «focus» on computer mice, even if the selection is not exhaustive, we have put forward health prevention tools in order to avoid the appearance of MSDs of the upper limbs, linked to an inappropriate grip of the «mouse». Without forgetting our usual sections relating examples of achievements Faithful, alongside you for 15 years, at the start of the year, Ergonoma Journal expresses its best wishes for good health and prosperity to build a better Future together.