Create agile and flexible work and relaxation spaces

Conceptual Furniture, a Dutch firm, specializes in the manufacture of furniture for the development of flexible, agile and connected work environments.

The Conceptual Furniture range of furniture includes acoustic booths, modular sofas, meeting tables with or without an integrated LCD screen as well as various seating systems and coffee tables.

This furniture is modular and fully customizable thanks to the different shapes and coverings offered.

Bouverat Industries called on Conceptual Furniture

Bouverat Industries, located in Haute-Savoie, specialized in bar turning and precision mechanics is experiencing a constant growth in its activity.

The need to expand its production site in Marnaz became evident. A new building of approximately 4000 m2 was built in 2019 to accommodate a new production line as well as a cafeteria / relaxation room for employees, a collaborative office with 8 administrative positions and a meeting room dedicated to operational management for daily meetings.

The management of the company, concerned about the comfort of its employees, their efficiency at work and the rapprochement of management and production units called on the company Conceptual Furniture for the layout of these new workspaces and relaxation. The latter had to meet a double mission: to respect a tight budget for the furnishing of these new spaces and to create a friendly place favoring the bringing together of employees and management while allowing mobile and flexible work in order to improve the communication between individuals.

At first, the client hesitated to break the codes of a traditional layout of the rest and meeting room by installing sofas, coffee tables and lounge chairs fearing that the employees would linger or dare not install there. This is why the Studio and Elements product lines quickly established themselves in order to respond to the problem.

A huge sofa

The cafeteria area has been equipped with a huge sofa over 8 meters long with curved shapes, a dynamic seat and covered with a faux leather to facilitate its maintenance in an industrial environment. In addition, 24 Volt and USB sockets have been integrated into the furniture to charge mobile phones or connect a computer. Bar tables have also been installed, allowing you to drink coffee, take a break while staying in an active position. The office which adjoins the cafeteria and the production line has been fitted with a glass partition to create a visual and physical connection between the administration and production employees. 2 large benches with acoustic partition that can accommodate 4 people each replace the traditional offices. The meeting room also breaks the codes of conformism. A sofa from the Elements range finds its place with an angle configuration. Equipped with tablet armrests with 24v and USB sockets, it allows you to organize meetings in informal and casual mode. While a high meeting table with integrated screen allows you to share documents or presentations.

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Mrs Berthet, administrative manager, is delighted with this new arrangement: “these different work and rest areas offer an aesthetic and friendly working environment facilitating exchanges between staff. It’s a new way of working that is in tune with our new way of life: connected and flexible ”