The survival of our species

And the continuation of all life on earth. The global 2020 pandemic 2020 we are experiencing marks a decisive turning point for well-being and sustainability. In the months leading up to the arrival of COVID-19, the climate crisis was at the heart of the concerns of many people – from teenagers who protested on the streets to large companies that pledged to become carbon neutral.
Throughout the pages of this edition of Ergonoma Journal, you will realize how much designers, architects, developers affirm their mission of promoting health, human well-being, social equity, community development, adaptation to the climate, in their creations. They develop a real adaptability in the use of materials and tools in relation to the environment. And their approach is finally heard, they are the “carers” of our Species. We are here in pragmatism, organizational, which will help us to move away from the abstract rhetoric of “saving the planet”, to realize that the stake is: “the survival of our species”.