Back to basics

The impatience to be surrounded by our social cocoon again is materialized by friendly places that must bring us together. We had to reinvent ourselves and rethink the ways we live and work.

To be able to appropriate new spaces that conform to our new desires for work and collaboration. This crisis, having gone through, has highlighted the need for workplaces to be designed to respond to creativity, freedom and human well-being.

We need to find ourselves, and places, markers of our belonging to society. The herd instinct that slumbers in each of us makes us rediscover this need for virtues, for a common flag under which to gather, surrounded by our fellow human beings. : The company.

This feeling of belonging to a society or an organization is as important as it is difficult to instil and then maintain in a digitized society. Human contact at work allows efficiency, collaboration, exchanges. Offices must therefore be a place for the expression of individual creativity: a real tool for efficiency. Find the right balance between human and material values.

The edition of the Workspace traveshow on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2022 will present initiatives from all over the world to help us think differently about flexibility, because it cannot be improvised, you simply have to transform it into modularity and complementarity, between an employee and technology.