The summer that shapes culture and design

No break for us: summer was a time of exploration. exploration of the architecture redesigned after covid 19 for a total redevelopment from the return from our workplaces, exploration of the design of creators who play the game of sustainability by finding ever more sources of supply recycled and recyclable “cradle to cradle”, by shaping products for use and ideas that will help us meet the challenges of the fall.

We have explored the books for readings that helped bring us up to speed on the state of the art (see pIV-VI), design see our innovative products (p7-16).

We have listened to multicultural music that reflects the mosaic of our society, the one we meet every day in the street and at work and who carries new ideas and new ambitions in a world too often chaotic. We thought this issue of Ergonoma Journal, to allow you to start again, bursting with energy.

Tell us about your encounters, your discoveries. we are as always at your service.