Back to the future !

Orgatec, the leading international exhibition for modern working environments, forced by the Covid19 pandemic had to take four years off: the theme of the year was “NEW WORK”, a real “melting pot” of styles, design, in full reset between face-to-face and remote office!

Beautiful cocooning spaces, colourful, playful, optimistic, flexible between private and professional life, highlighting the versatility necessary to be able to react to any decor, between office and home, exterior and interior… As a result, the “office furniture” as such becomes difficult to recognize, at first glance.

But that’s without taking into account the awareness of manufacturers, to pamper the planet and clean it of the abuses of previous decades. Recycled, recyclable, natural materials good for health without forgetting the treatment of the air, the absorption of bacteria in a natural way as NAAVA proposed it with its patented air purifiers, thanks to the roots of its plantations.

An omnipresent attitude in 2022: the choice of the cover for this issue with CASALA was obvious to us by the very fact of its mastery of designs, its commitment to the planet and people, the quality of the ingredients used. Its ability to reset since Casala was founded in 1917 in Lauenau, near Hanover (Germany). It is now in Nederland and has subsidiaries in Germany, England and France. Its commitment to the circular economy is such that its furniture receives a 5-year guarantee. In a word, a 2022 show réorganized around the well-being of the user of the products presented.