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Lighting / Éclairage

The end of” light leaks ” and shadow zones with Spaceline by RADIAN

SpaceLine, from French luminaire manufacturer RADIAN, is a linear lighting solution for structuring architectural spaces, whether they be open-spaces, circulations, meeting rooms or even welcoming spaces. SpaceLine’s design, in the form of recessed luminaires, ceiling lights and suspensions, ensures seamless homogeneous distribution of continuous light, without interruption, even on long lengths. The quality of the materials used – mainly aluminum ... Read More »


Tdroit to end the “round back” phenomenon

The tshirt, underwear “hold yourself straight! creates good postural habits. Classified as a medical device, the “TDroit” T-shirt is developed in partnership with physiotherapists and osteopaths. Its inventor Patrick Mamou also tells us that T Droit is “Specially designed and manufactured, in brushed cotton, to stimulate the person to straighten without aggressing. Its innovative and patented system aims to act ... Read More »


Cork boards or paperboards are from the past!

The modern multifunction board to note and display today is a magnetic glass board with a touch of design by SIGEL. The glassboard is ideal for decorating a workspace: business cards or memos are quickly fixed on the board, using powerful magnets. These boards are writable and erasable. They are very decorative and easy to maintain. Their shale stone or ... Read More »


NookPod, a mobile and quiet, work & meeting space, that enhances Wellbeing & Productivity

NookPod improves open Workspaces which hinder effective concentration, communication & collaboration. Small meetings are where real innovation and connections occur. Nookpod is an alternative to Meeting Rooms which are usually in short supply and designed for large gatherings. Features include Power and charging points, adjustable lighting and range of colours. A Nookpod integrates and works with the space around it. ... Read More »


“My real office at home”

HO cube, designed by Francesc Rifé for JMM, a compact cube offering a small space to work and keep documents and valuable objects. Built-in electrification and led lighting. Finishes: combination of matt lacquers and wood. HO Cube the acronym standing for home office, but—given the adaptability that today’s corporate workplace demands—the concept is equally fitting for both home and corporate. ... Read More »


Giroflex 151 the “chameleon” seat that fits everywhere!

Whether in a professional or private environment, this seat fits every layout. Created by designer Paolo Francelli, “This is a true chameleon, able to adapt to all environments. The hulls, the armrests, the padding and the legs allow to form living compositions. The Giroflex 151 brings a sitting comfort of and meets the highest quality requirements of Giroflex. The elegant ... Read More »

Adjustable worktop

ADD CABLE TABLE by Lammhults – Design Anya Sebton –

Texture powder coated spin formed steel foot with pillar of 25mm steel tubing. Table top of 3 mm texture powder coated steel sheet. Felt glides. Incl. 5m retractable cord reel. Anthracite outlets in two versions: 2 power outlets or 1 power outlet + 2 Power USB.(Plug and sockets only in Schuko standard!) Removable cork top in option. Add Cable Table ... Read More »


Actiu’s TNK Flex seating, awarded with the German Design Award

TNK Flex by  Actiu is executive task seating with high-performance technology which is expected to meet the user’s needs in an intuitive way, by adapting itself to the morphology and movements of the human body, while adjusting the spine and the seat as if it were a second skin. It combines features, quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness.It offers breakthrough ergonomic ... Read More »


The new seat, by Viasit :The design of the back is the most important innovation of Drumback designer, Ballendat

The Good Design Award, which was first introduced in 1950 by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies, is one of the most prestigious and oldest awards for product design. With the winning of the Good Design Award, Drumback has now received another prestigious award – ... Read More »