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Ergonomics Village 2017

Dauphin (Germany)

Dauphin HumanDesign Group – Integrated solutions for ideal ergonomic workstations The Dauphin HumanDesign Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of complete office solutions and offers furniture for open space and executive offices, conference and meeting rooms, reception and waiting areas as well as innovative seating solutions for use in workshops, laboratories or clean rooms and at conveyor belts. Integrated ... Read More »

Ergonomics Village 2017

Dataflex (Nederland)

At Dataflex we want to help you get the most out of yourself. This is why we want the place where you work to be a place where you feel at home. We call it ‘feeling at work’. Our product collections achieve the optimal balance between functionality, design and price. But while we help create ergonomic computer workplaces to suit ... Read More »


The field of possibilities

Today, we are participating in the emergence of a new economy, the limit of the possible rises in a working world in full transformation. We invent new forms of governance, companies have to adapt, open up and orient themselves to projects that combine talents. Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 69

MARIA by Haworth

Work wherever you want, whenever you want. Maria by Haworth is a small, versatile table, easy to move on its wheels, which acts as an extra desk or complement in a meeting room. Small and light, Maria is adjustable in height and inclination and can be used in a sitting area as well as in a traditional office. www.haworth.com Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 69

Eurosit et SOREC Solutions

Since January 2017, Eurosit has integrated in its group Sorec Solutions (carpentry and industrial sheet metal work made in France) to offer a customizable offer fully in line with the new working organizations, which create new types of furniture for conviviality or collaborative work spaces. Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 69


Fly by Quadrifoglio is based both on advanced concept and LED illuminating material. The flowing design of elements , with minimal and smoothed profiles, hides a sophisticated device of perimetral injection light, applied to a specific acrylic glass that spreads and deviates the light flow perpendicularly towards the surface to be illuminated. www.quadrifoglio.com Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 69


Koray Malhan, son of the founder of Koleksiyon, was born in Ankara in 1972. After attending the Industrial Design department at Mimar Sinan University, he completed his degree in furniture design at the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London in 1995. Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 69

Programme YES by Gautier Office. YES !

A new office program combining design and functionality. Offered in 3 finishes and colorful options, it marks its particularity with worktops on metal feet, manually or electrically adjustable in height. Or also with a desk height cabinet with side access, designed for practical and discreet storage. We also noticed a nice-looking acoustic separation screen, in fabric, 25 mm particleboard covered ... Read More »