UltraStand: ultimate comfort through fusion with laptop.

Laptop users can now work comfortably, anywhere and anytime. Because BakkerElkhuizen is launching an integrated laptop stand that functions as a second skin. This wafer-thin and almost invisible addition makes any laptop comfortable and ergonomic to use.

The UltraStand has been especially tailored for laptops in the business market, weighs just 250 g and is wafer-thin (just 2 mm). This makes the UltraStand the tool to facilitate the New Way of Working. It is essential for all staff who work on laptops. With the UltraStand’s fusion with the laptop, the portability of your laptop is optimised without having to sacrifice on comfort if no external screen is available.

Consequently, computer users can realise a workstation at any time that always complies with occupational safety & health regulations. The UltraStand is also tailored to the business laptops that you use within your organisation. The design is fully tailored to the laptop bottom’s contours. It includes openings for ventilation and the feet of any type of laptop.