Ergonoma Live diary of ORGATEC, 2nd day.

Over the halls, we notice how the exhibitors duplicate by customizing the strong trends of the moment. First, what is more and more marked is the persistence of the “fluidity” between the development of the professional space and the” home sweet home “which was started in 2016.

Which brings about the welcome presence of colors, with less gray, black and “periwinkle” blue.

Many unstructured sofas in “blocks”: modular, colored, rounded shapes, and compatible. Many privacy areas more or less closed, to humanize vast trays of offices. We’re repartitioning? No, one optimizes the decompartmentalized with processes of division of these spaces, more and more mobile and multi-uses.

“Phone boxes” that rival design, and “embedded” technologies.

Acoustic treatment in all its forms, there is strong sense how the noise treatment is a unanimous demand of the professional world.

As for operator or “executive” offices, it is clear for almost all the exhibitors of the tertiary sector that a work plan must be adjustable in height, “up and down” the most simply of the world, from “the ecological” hand crank, to the most advanced electrification, allowing a quick and very fast smoothly adjustment of the height of the tray, throughout the cycle of a working day.

Chairs and armchairs are gaining autonomy, we are witnessing the more or less programmed end of the famous adjustment levers. Chairs and work chairs calculate themselves the weight of your seat felt, the good posture of each, according to the weight of the user and of movements initiated by each change of position.

Textile floor coverings are becoming more and more natural in appearance, and are also modular, allowing for mixes of shapes and appearance that help to structure and identify spaces.

As for lighting fixtures, professional and industrial luminaires, LEDS, which have become increasingly efficient, resistant and durable, have been associated with new, less conventional designs in harmony with the current work environment.

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Another strong trend: accessories become indispensable such as articulated arms for computer screens, tablets and smartphone, active mat, balance board…

Have everything at hand they said before, in the old world. Today is having everything in sight. You will easily find all the news mentioned in this trend info by clicking on the “posts” published in October.
Pictures :Estel meeting table  “Baobab” , Deblick Cube Box, Koleksiyon meeting table, Lightnet, Aeris muvmat standing-mat activzonen.