“Small but strong” the footrest from the Campfire collection created by Turnstone, Steelcase Group

Like the guitarist who uses a footrest for a position adapted to his profession, avoiding contractions and postural tensions.

The Campfire “footrest” is the ergonomic, indispensable and affordable accessory that reduces compression points on the thighs, since they are no longer crushed against the seat. Used in the office, by raising the feet, the footrest also raises the knees and thighs. The weight is therefore better distributed, improving the posture of the back as it helps to hold it in the bottom of the seat, armchair, work chair or comfortable sofa.

The “Campfire” footrest created by Turnstone, one of Steelcase‘s brands, has a nice look! It is made from 100% recyclable expanded polypropylene foam, Epplix PPE, which makes it lightweight. This new footrest is incredibly durable. With a weight of only 1.36 kg and a clever cut-out, the footrest can be easily repositioned under
your feet. Its unique shape offers support in several positions while wedging the heels of the feet in each configuration for increased comfort. But Campfire footrest is also a booster seat in your workplace or around a “glass” for moments of conviviality. This new range of “Turnstone campfire collection” is a flexible collection that allows you to create personal, intimate spaces, with the capability of becoming engaging collaborative spaces.

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