Let Nature enter the office!

Back to the office with eyes filled with stars, these little fragments of sun, space, greenery, freedom, joy, … and if we prolonged this all the year? Yes, it is possible, letting nature enter our work areas. Having plants in one’s work environment, or even just having a view of nature, helps to better appreciate one’s work.

The findings are numerous: «The green plants allow a reduction of migraine at work, fatigue, cough or the sensation of suffocation.
Research initiated in Europe shows that management could invest profitably in the green resource because productivity at work would be improved by the presence of plants. Green spaces on the windowsills, or direct views of nature, office walls and ceilings covered with plants, it is possible.

Ergonoma Journal will open, in its next issue, a section exclusively dedicated to «nature in the office» because many operators have achieved this feat. Tell us about your experiences, we will share them to the greatest number in our publications and on the website www.ergonoma.com