NewStar: attractive mounting series for ergonomic use

The NM-D775 series exists of a single mount and double mount. Both the single and double mounts are innovative due to the combination of the gas spring arm and the possibility to mount large screens.

The double mount can carry two monitors up to 32” each; the single monitor arm is one of the first models on the market suitable for ultra-wide monitor displays up to 49”, with a maximum weight capacity of 16 kg/35 lbs.

The mounts are characteristic for their smooth adaptability and great adjustable properties such as a unique tilt-, rotate- and swivel technology that allows the user to place the monitor in the viewing angle they prefer, with an effortless ease. The double mount comes with a handlebar that makes positioning even easier!

The 180° stop mechanism locks and swivels the arm safely in position and the topfix clamp offers both ease of installation and the possibility to mount on thin desks. The elegant cable management keeps cables organized and protected and contributes to a clean desk policy.

By using an ergonomic mount, neck- and back complaints can be avoided. The NM-D775 series is a great investment for a happy, healthy office space.

Source NewStar