Use hot-desking to power up employee collaboration


Why employees should give hot-desking a warm welcome .

People can take a while to adjust to changes in their work environment, especially when it means saying ‘good bye’ to their own desk. But the new way of working can also give employees more freedom. Sitting next to new people can spark fresh ideas, new prospects for progression in the business and new friendships. Teamworking can be a lot more fluid. And the ever-changing mix of conversations can bring a renewed energy to office.

Show you care with the right hardware

So, there’s more to setting up a hot desking environment than just dumping monitors and a phones on a bank of desks. Or worse still, clearing the desks and expecting people to sit, hunched over their laptop all day. If fact, choose the right hardware and you can provide a working environment that counters many of the negatives associated with hot desking while still enabling cost and space savings. What’s more, the right furniture can boost collaboration and performance too.

Smart working in the tightest of spaces

Just hitting the contract furniture market are some very sleek wall mounted sit/stand desks. Designed to be mounted as a wall desk or panel mount, they can fit where other desks can’t as the worksurface flips down when not in use so it take up very little space. This convenience doesn’t come with any compromise on healthy working. These desks have the full ergonomic range of height adjustment, so anyone can sit or stand comfortably to work.

Look out for models that put power and charging within easy reach, and also give you the option to add a couple of monitors – ideal for optimising productivity. Whether they are designed into a new down-sized office or installed during the revamp of an existing workspace, these wall/panel mount desks are a great hot desking solution. A customisable front panel offers a choice of colours and finishes so these desks can tone in with the décor or be used for a bright pop of colour. And unlike some of the electric sit/stand desks, these are energy-savers, with the user able to adjust the desk to the right height instantly and effortlessly.

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Happiness and hot-desking can go hand in hand Choosing flexible, user-friendly hot desk equipment can definitely have a positive impact on how employees feel about a shared working space. Each employee can set up their work space so it feels personalised, and work in a way that promotes wellbeing. This directly addresses the ‘cog in a machine’ feeling and shows employees that their individuality matters. It all feeds into a positive corporate culture, lower absenteeism and better employee retention. And to make sure each employee’s working day gets off the best start, why not introduce an app that helps people locate a free desk easily? That would definitely make hot desking a lot cooler.

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