Innovative exoskeleton for wellness at work

Japet Medical is a French biomedical company developing innovative equipment for health at work. Its goal is to preserve and restore the integrity of the human body, all the while improving the quality of life.

Often called disease of the century, back pain has major impacts on both the company and the worker. For the employee, it affects his wellbeing and capacities at work. For the company, it has important social and economic implications.

Atlas, exoskeleton to fight back pain at work.

In collaboration with rehabilitation doctors and spine surgeons of the University Hospital of Lille, Japet Medical has developed Atlas, a new generation of exoskeleton to fight back pain at work.

The Atlas exoskeleton has two core functions: relieving back pain and allowing movement.

A good postural support

It preserves the lumbar area, delays fatigue and eases the pain. All movements are allowed and improved by a good postural support. Comfortable, easy to use and lightweight, it can fit in any work environment, to foster the autonomy of the worker and adapt to different workstations and lines of business.

Used in work environment that put a strain on the lumbar area, the exoskeleton limits the impact of heavy loads lifting, constraining postures and repetitive movements.

Easily implemented

Easily implemented, it can be included in the process of a workstation’s improvement or integrated on its own to prevent and restore the worker’s back. It can be used either in order to prevent any back pain to appear or to rehabilitate the workers who suffer from the lumbar area. Japet Medical like to think of themselves as the alternative to redeployment and invalidity.

The team accompanies you step by step

Because Japet Medical values not only the product but also the services, the team accompanies you step by step to facilitate the process of implementation and its acceptability, providing you with a training and a regular follow up on the exoskeleton’s use.

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The Atlas exoskeleton is currently used in various industrial fields such as aeronautics, train, food, logistics, construction, crafts and many others.

Source Japet