Organize meetings in agile mode: just one wire to connect!

Innovative Meeting has developed its Yoo’Up range to stop getting caught up in the wires of overhead projectors and screens to be installed. To organize and plan a meeting, this requires “blocking” a technical room, launching the call to participate, etc., we have all known this once in our professional career.

With Eyoo and its “Kangaroo” look, and for good reason: it is the technique that “jumps” from meetings to presentations, its agility allows it to be with collaborative teams, and not the reverse thanks to the fully digital customized solution. Interactive screens equipped with Android provide access to many applications: whiteboard, calculator, photo manager …

The control interface integrated into the support facilitates the use of screens and associated equipment without the need for any remote control. With only one wire to connect, unlike the video projector, the installation of the equipment is very easy.

The interactive system of screens without remote control is extremely intuitive. In a few seconds and with a click, it allows you to change sources, turn on the screen and support solution, instantly switch from an Android source to an Apple source, adjust the screen height …

Finally, thanks to a designer base and quick adjustment of the height of the screen, the Eyoo  support is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Yoo’Up, is the first motorized support, adaptable to all types of screens. Ergonomic, simple, aesthetic and secure, this new solution will completely modify the animation of meetings. Yoo’up exhibits at Workspace Paris Sept 1/3, stand C60D59