This covid19 pandemic is pushing us to rethink our daily life, our habits and our security.

Teleworking, coworking, designer offices, flex offices …

The new ways of organizing space are very intertwined with teleworking and require a cultural change: it cannot work if managers and employees do not learn to work differently.

The most popular is a flexible formula that allows you to be teleworking for 4 days because you have to somehow “educate” the face-to-face team to work with teleworkers: in the event of a meeting, for example, the one who is at a distance should not be forgotten and even has the first rank to speak.

It is important to establish and maintain team rituals. The concept of hypermobility must also be revisited, to reduce both the risks of the spread of disease and of air pollution.

The obligation imposed on many citizens today to work from their homes will certainly show that there are now ways of relieving congestion in urban centers and making working methods more flexible. It is therefore essential to continue to invest in infrastructure, digitalization and training.

We make an urgent appeal to local authorities in all countries so that they eventually understand the urgency for ALL. Put a handkerchief on your political sensibilities and ideologies. Work for everyone, work for real equality of opportunity for all inhabitants of the territories, whoever they may be!