OpenSeed meditation pods

Have you ever tried meditation? If so, know that you are not the only one. With the confinement, the number of downloads for “mindfulness” apps increased by more than 20%, reaching a peak of 750,000 per week. But what exactly is meditation? You will have a hard time finding a unanimous definition on the web. One can present this practice as an achievement of absolute concentration on oneself to reach full awareness of one’s body and mind.

The goal is to feel better, more in balance and in harmony with ourself. Although it is difficult to date it, it is reasonable to assume that meditation, originating from Indian culture, has been practiced for around 4000 years. The company OpenSeed made it leap in time by marketing pods. Inspired by sensory isolation boxes (dear to hippies and Michael Jackson), they bring more functionality. Back to the future.

Why meditate in a pod?

Physically, to get into a meditation position, all you have to do is sit down, cross your knees and place your hands on it (the lotus position). So why lock yourself in a box? Because pods significantly increase its efficiency. This is what a study in Japan has proven. Neurosurgeon Michihito Sugawara tested 30 subjects over a three-week period and found that isolated and controlled environments have great potential for calming the mind and reducing stress. In short, increase well-being. To meditate well, for more rest, you have to shell yourself.

shield yourself in a pod from the outside world

OpenSeed pods offer much more than a sensory isolation box. They are equipped with touch screen. On the menu: guided meditations, sound therapy and other experiences to achieve mindfulness. The volume and color brightness are adjustable. Light therapy is also available. LED light sequences are programmed to synchronize with the audio, allowing users to be immersed in the healing power of colors. Chromatic cues are also present for breathing exercises and visualizations.

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OpenSeed also thought to diffuse a pleasant scent, fundamental in helping relaxation. A soothing and subtle scent is constantly diffused. The essential oils are stored in a compartment of the pod.

A multisensory experience

Hearing is a sense to be cuddled as well, the OpenSeed pod has hit a big blow in this area (although this option is only available in the Premium version). Speakers concealed in the pod broadcast therapeutic sound vibrations. This allows the user to have a real immersive audio experience. To transport the user “to the horizon of calm and peace”.

The pod was also designed with the idea of absolute control over noise pollution. Have you installed the pod in a noisy place? No worries, up to three noise canceling headphones can be activated, to block out external nuisances. Finally, and you guessed it, it is equipped with ergonomic seats. They are made of solid vinyl and consist of a central cushion surrounded by a fully adjustable circular bench. This allows user to adopt the lotus position, essential for meditation.

The OpenSeed meditation pod will be able to arouse the curiosity of initiates and laymen. The initiates will find an ultra sophisticated cabin allowing them to meditate more effectively. Other people will have a multisensory experience that they will not forget anytime soon.