The value of adaptability. The border between living and working

The new issue of Ergnoma Journal – 63 (April, May & June 2021) is out. The European magazine, devoted to the search for solutions intended to improve the well-being and the ergonomics of workstation. More than 80 pages on Innovative products and office furniture, several focuses , white paper, news and reports on Healthy Workplaces. Bilingual French / English

Words from the Editor

“The office is where the corporate culture is built. This is why the role of the office, the workbench or the “bench” of the labs will become all the more important as the employees spend less time there. The hybridization of remote, home and office work is here. Managers and executives in the workplace should take note: Office space use may change after the pandemic, but its function will be more critical than ever.

Now the pandemic has caused the majority of office workers to work from home, and they have realized that they can actually do it, and the results are the same if not better. Better work / life balance. the office needs to be redesigned as an ecosystem of places, experiences, products and activities. COVID-19 has pushed us to rethink the means of work, but also to rethink the meaning of work. Being apart has reminded us of how precious the places and spaces we work and live in are to our health and well-being.

Today, the desire to be together is the engine of the recovery. But it’s not just going to sit at the desk and write a report or analyze some numbers, because it’s something we can do a lot better at home now. A theme developed by many operators throughout the files and products pages of this issue of Ergonoma Journal!”

Quick Summary

Take a look at the Innovative Products section with a selection of products, for a better quality of life […] at the workplace. Whilst we try to answer to the following question “Science-fiction or reality, exoskeletons: the advent of Augmented Man ?” amongst other in our Focus.

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Read our “Live with Ameublement Français” on Office Furniture. This issue White Paper: “Hybrid and Agile Work Environment: Guidebook” made in collaboration with BICG. An international firm specialized in the New Ways of Working. In our Healthy Workplaces dossier, we tell you all about the new headquarters in Carlsberg (Denmark).

Not to mention the usuals: Product Index, Calendar and Classifieds Ads….