The Vari Desk, the standing desk that fits in a backpack for nomad workers

Ergonomic office equipment is often at the forefront of innovation in the furniture sector. Maybe even more than the “classic” furniture sector. The portable laptop holder VariDesk is another example of the perpetual evoltuion in the industry. It is nothing less than the first standing office converter that can fit in a backpack. The idea is to adapt to work conditions that have never evolved so intensively.

A revolution started in March 2020 with the beginning of the COVID pandemic, forcing many of us to move into working from home. For many, it was a revelation.  Many workers are enjoying the sense of freedom, such form of work provides. Office does no longer necessarily mean staying in an office at the company’s headquarters. Focus on this VariDesk laptop holder that goes along a revolution.

Lightweight, innovative, and with a bold design

The VariDesk® laptop portable holder comes in the form of 3 rectangles made of aluminum. Assembled to support a laptop. 1 rectangle stands horizontally to welcome the laptop. The other 2 are positioned perpendicularly and play the supporting role of the first one. Therefore, the laptop is at shoulder height when placed on a table. Shoulders are thus exempted from unnecessary pressure. All this for a weight of just over 1 kilo (2.4 pounds). There is absolutely no work required to set it up. It is fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box.

A modern and resolutely bold look. It was designed with feedback from customers and fans of the brand. “We’ve taken a human-centered approach to design, which is to put ourselves in the shoes of the person we create objects for,” says David Patton, vice president of the manufacturing department. “We talked to people who worked from home and professionals who travelled a lot. But also with students moving from class to class. And so we  developed a fast, practical and light product with everyone in mind. Because our new ways of working are a challenge in terms of equipment. But also for the homeworkers health.

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Homeworker’s health: a crucial issue

Homeworking should be meaning freedom. But it can also lead to health problems. In fact, 92% of chiropractors see an increase in neck and back pain caused by work at home. According to a study, almost 75 % of homeworkers do not have a dedicated home office space. Indeed, ergonomic office furniture is a certain budget. A cost that is usually covered by company on-site furniture. With all these notions in mind, Vari has created the VariDesk laptop holder.

About Vari

A workplace innovation company, Vari helps growing organizations unlock the potential of their space and people. Whether it’s a collection of office furniture or workspaces offering space as a service, the company makes it easy for high-growth businesses to scale and adapt their office space.

Another novelty in the world of ergonomics. Something that will allow nomad workers to operate while standing, anywhere. It also allows any worker to operate without excessive pressure on the shoulders. So the sense of freedom, remote working provides is not necessarily coming up with its load of musculoskeletal disorders. The surge of new ways of working (for jobs tha can be achieved remotely) has not finished generating new products from manufacturers. For the delight of the world of ergonomic apparels.