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Embacco combine light and acoustic Benefits

Embacco lighting (Denmark)presents Flab Fab. Embacco Lighting releases a new concept for general lighting in workplace design. Flab Fab is a collection of large pendants that fuse together textiles and technical lighting. The pendants can be used in public spaces and are ideal for offices. Flab Fab delivers soft, pleasant light, with the added bonus that it can also improve ... Read More »

Acoustic partition

where the wood curves in enveloping three – dimensional shapes, the sound stops.

TreS sound by Mascagni “TréS sound” is the new furniture product by Mascagni. Designed by Ergon, elegant and modular, “TrèS sound” is a sound absorbing panel based on the principle of the multiple resonator, to which it also associates porous acoustic absorption. It is useful and beautiful to see: its character leaves free to interpret the use that will be ... Read More »


Balsan: The carpet, a real solution against noise in offices!

To be seen at Workspace Expo 2018 Paris Expo Porte de Versailles 10-11-12 April 2018 It would take a 60cm thick hard floor to equal the insulating effect of the Balsan carpet: the made in France carpet specialist since 1857 . Royal Manufacture created under Louis XV. Since 2006, Balsan is part of the Belgian group Belgotex International, but still ... Read More »

Acoustic partition

Buzzipleat “Collerette”: tactile pleat enfolds silence

A series of architectural solutions by 13&9 Design, the BuzziPleat reinterprets ancient techniques used in fashion design, like smocking and pleating, to create large- scale, yet lightweight sculptural forms, made of sound-absorbing Buzzi Felt. Architectural folds maximize surface area, delivering exceptional acoustic performance. The collection includes two configurations, BuzziPleat Ripple and BuzziPleat Edel, both can be can be affixed to ... Read More »

Acoustic partition

Kite Phone Booth gives its contribution to the sound absorbing function.

Design: Jorge Pensi, born in Buenos Aires, Architect of formation,of Spanish nationality his design studio is installed in Barcelona. Kite Phone Booth is a wall mounted element, with the function of privacy screen.It can be used in different contexts, from open space offices to common areas, to all those spaces –not only workplaces -where there’s a request for a place ... Read More »

Acoustic partition

SHARING TABLE BAOBAB Design: Estel R&D (Italie)

Baobab, big rounded table (Ø 240) that can receive 8 people in temporary or shared workplaces identifying essential Italian Smart Office concepts: Collaboration, Sharing, Concentration. Veneer tabletop, chromed structure, lighting-acoustic leafs in fabric. www.estel.com Read More »


When the material used becomes the mechanism: SILQ the office seat that redefines the design of the seats.!!!

SILQ SILQ by Steelcase , is designed to adapt to the way individuals work today. Thanks to an innovation in materials science and a patent-pending process, Steelcase’s designers and engineers have created a new highperformance polymer material that draws on the qualities of carbon fiber for a price that is accessible to a mass market. “We were inspired by the ... Read More »


2018 is here!

What should we wish you? We wish you a beautiful, prosperous year. A year where health and well-being at work rhyme with crucial! Read More »