Let’s offer ourselves a “normal” and digital pen ?

Staedtler launches, three years after launching the first public handwriting recognition pen, a renewed digital version: Digital Pen 2.0.
It allows to write on a computer … without a computer as well as on smartphones and tablets. It is indeed a new version of its smart handwriting recognition pen, capable of converting digital data from handwritten notes (provided you have a legible and readable handwriting) and storing it on computer.It allows to:

  • Take notes on paper before scanning them ( storage capacity: up to 100 A4 pages) on a computer, smartphone or tablets.
  • Draw and reclaim one’s work on computer. To do this, it communicates with a small receiver to clip on top of one’s sheet or notepad. Once connected via USB or Bluetooth to the computer, it retrieves the data and can store up to 100 A4 pages. Notes, drawings, texts, illustrations, anything is possible with this Digital Pen 2.0.
  • Annotate PDF documents or write directly into a word document ®.

Results: text files that you can use, edit and transfer anywhere with ease. It can be carried anywhere : you write wherever you are – in a meeting, at the office, on the train or any public transport . Connected to the computer, it even turns into a mouse or digital pen to color, point , draw, cut, paste, at your fingertips and in record time .