Narbutas Furniture Company

e2d55-3Participates in The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014 for the first time, presenting their newest office furniture system ‘Jazz’, design by Christina Strand and Niels Hvas.: “DIVA” chair : « During these last ten years, we have created and tested various other office chair models, some of them having successfully spread to Lithuanian and foreign offices, others having faded into oblivion. But none of them managed to repeat the outstanding success VERSO had achieved.
That was until our designers and constructors came up with the office chair DIVA. A backrest with waist support with the latter ideally matching your spine curvature. Special installed mechanisms help the construction of the chair to synchronically repeat the movements of the human body: swinging can be fixed in five positions while looking for the one that would best meet your expectations. Another exclusive feature of this chair is the use of mesh instead of a firm backrest.
Top 530 acoustic screens are filled with noise reducing material which can be covered with felt wool or polyester fabric. The thickness of the panels is 3,8 cm, height above the desktop 53 cm.
EASY – it is not only ergonomic, but also a dynamic workstation which allows sitting position to change into standing. With one button click your desk height can be easily adjusted from 70,5 to 120,5cm. Electrical motor system from LINAK®, the global leader in innovative electric actuator systems, guarantees silent and EASY work of the table. LINAK® products are approved according to EN 60335-1, UL 962 standards. (seen at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014)