Avant-Premiere: Flow LED luminaire by REGENT Lighting

Flow LED luminaire by REGENT Lighting is equipped with the latest generation LED and SLA (Spread Light Applicator) patent pending going on for this technology by Regent Lighting.

This technique allows a wide guiding of direct and indirect light output from the same light source, with no difference in intensity.

With Flow LED Regent Lighting offers 3 different types of luminous flux for specific facilities (XHE, HE, HPE) corresponding to 1280 lm, 1540 lm or 2050 lm, with a length of 1.17 m. For example XHE (extreme High Efficiency) is perfect for traffic areas and corridors, HPE for lobbies …

Available in ceiling, wall or suspended fixture, it has a high energy efficiency with performance up to up to 102 lm / w. It also allows to achieve energy savings of about 60% compared with conventional light sources. It consists of a pre-wired polycarbonate LED strip with aluminum ICT (Instant Contact Technology) clip contacts LED support, replaceable individually on site. The wiring is embedded and does not have any visible screws.