The third way?

e2d-57-image6Brand new for EUROSIT the French manufacturer and designer of ergonomic office seats0.

First commercial successes for E8 Stripes seat and in Germany and Switzerland, following interest met in Dubai and Chicago. For the next International Orgatec in Cologne, Eurosit prepares the public presentation of two new concepts of upholstered seats for operators.

Après upholstered and mesh backrests, here come soft deformable plastic ventilated backrests: the third way!
CITIZEN adapts itself to the complex curves of the back.

These new designs combine comfort, economic reasons, freedom and new design. To protect present and future generations …: CITIZEN, as its name suggests, is a Citizen product. The choice of design is based on the ability of ecodesign (recyclable and recycled materials) and its economic performances which give a clear added value for an international aura.