The Catalan Country honored in Geneva for a magnet lifter of manhole covers

e2d-57-image5Eurosign company installed in Claira (Pyrénées-Orientales, France) obtained in 2014 a Gold Medal at 42 ° International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (industry section).
The company was awarded it for its magnet lifter Liftplaq. This innovative product helps reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) of its users. Liftplaq is the result of a collaboration with the Catalan R & D studies Unik (Le Boulou, France).

This invention allows to raise 50 kg round or square plates. The LiftPlaq allows to easily and effortlessly put the magnet on the plate to be lifted. This saves time when handling of the plate. The speaker does not have to clean the opening holes. Eurosign company has worked for 5 years to develop this magnet of a particular kind. The company specializes in handling solutions based on magnets. This100% Catalan product is painted in red and yellow: of course!