Steppie ApS (Denmark)

The Steppie Balance Board is “The Missing Link” for those sitting at the office every day.

In Scandinavian countries some 96 % of all office workers do have a height adjustable desk. Preferably such desk should be named sit/stand desk, as you ought to shift between sitting and standing throughout the day, which most people now a days have learned.

However, most sit/stand desks are used for having the correct sitting posture, only. – Why that? Very simple: Because it’s very hard for the body to stand static.

That’s where the Steppie Balance Board, The Missing Link, comes into question. You are able to stand much longer when a little in motion than standing still. The Steppie gives you exactly the controlled, steady motion needed to make you standing longer. For so long that it really matters.

The Steppie Balance Board is developed and designed in Denmark by specialists, with a health educational background knowing about physiology.

Some users want to upgrade the Steppie Balance Board with the Steppie Soft Top, which is a mat with the same shape as the board. The mat is not just another anti-fatigue mat. It’s developed and designed according to reflexology principles.

Just like the Steppie Balance Board also the design and development of the Soft Top, was made by specialists with a health education, to make it much more than “just a mat”.

The Steppie Balance Board and the Steppie Soft Top is made in Denmark. The production plant is as well ISO 9001 as ISO 14001 certified.

Steppie ApS

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