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Dauphin HumanDesign Group – Integrated solutions for ideal ergonomic workstations

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of complete office solutions and offers furniture for open space and executive offices, conference and meeting rooms, reception and waiting areas as well as innovative seating solutions for use in workshops, laboratories or clean rooms and at conveyor belts.

Integrated solutions for ideal ergonomic workstations in administration and production areas are the central theme of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group. Ergonomic furniture forms the basis for an ergonomic workstation. At the same time, employees must also be made aware of the issue of ergonomics. After all, workers can only make the most of ergonomic chairs, desks and other equipment if they have the necessary knowledge. In addition to providing furniture for different use and requirement, Dauphin also offers its customers expert advice and assists companies by offering a wide variety of specialist ergonomics consultancy services. With its specially developed ErgoLab for example, Dauphin aims to increase awareness of the need to sit properly.

Under the motto “Experience ergonomics”, it prompts people to adopt the correct physical posture and encourages them to reassess their own sitting habits. The ergonomic tools “ErgoMouse”, “Mini-EMG” and “eyeSeat” clearly illustrate a person’s physical posture in various situations and visualise their sitting habits. By showing the correlations between postures automatically adopted in offices and the strain they place on the body, decision-makers and users of office chairs are encouraged to think about their sitting habits when at work.

In order to make it easy for office workers to check their own workplace situation, the Dauphin Group developed the “90 Second Workstation Check”: Users can assess their workstation according to ergonomic criteria and are given helpful tips as to how they can improve their own working habits and working environment. The app is thus an easy and effective way to pass on knowledge regarding the correct use of furniture and working equipment.

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