Moon craters for an incredible acoustic comfort and an  efficient lighting with Silent Field by Artemide

The Silent Field suspension by Artemide, -Designers: Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Laura Pessoni, combines incredible acoustic comfort with high-performance lighting. Minimalist, this large flat disc absorbs sounds and reduces their reverberation. Its meticulous design gives it an efficiency that is second to none on the market. By reducing noise, this suspension creates an intimate and protected environment. It is a true bubble of tranquility for people under the disc.The extra flat acoustic PET panel is covered with a sound absorbing elastic fabric.

The acoustic efficiency is further enhanced by the panel shape and its variable density. Like moon craters, the lower surface of the panel is traversed by multiple round cavities of different depths that produce a graphic pattern. Their geometry and their variable densities ensure a wide spectrum of acoustic absorption of the reverberant frequencies typical of the human voice. This honeycomb surface produces a break on the sound wave: the hollows capture the sounds, they are then returned several times and absorbed, maximizing this way the absorption. The panel is equipped with 12 LED spots orientable on 30 °. This patented system offers maximum light output. The lighting is functional and not dazzling. Dimensions: Panel: Ø 100 x H 9,6 cm – Max. with cables: 200 cm – Rosette: Ø 91,7 cm – Spots: Ø 2,5 x H 3,5 cm Weight: 15 kg.