Smart connected lighting in offices

The Regent Lightpad Tunable floor lamp and its MyLights Tunable app, available for Android and iOS, make the Human Centric Lighting concept accessible to everyone.

The Lightpad luminaire, once plugged in, automatically starts in “Daylight Simulation” mode. It allows a continuous variation of the color temperature between warm white and cold white. App control allows the user to easily set different custom modes using 5 questions on their daily rhythm. The lighting heads are controlled independently of one another and the direct and indirect parts of the light have the same color temperature. The decisive factor for the non-visual effect of light is the level of exposure that reaches the eye. Thanks to its asymmetrical double light distribution, the Lightpad has a real biological efficiency.

The light changes the way we use and live the space and transforms buildings and offices into more human-centered and efficient workplaces.