If I say “Circadian Cycle”, does it speak to you?

It is the biological rhythm that regulates our heart rate and body temperature, acting in particular on our sleep, our mood, our memory and even our cognitive abilities.

But what is it influenced by? Simply by our daily contribution of natural light. This plays a fundamental role on our biological clock and on the secretion of hormones such as melatonin, the rate of which increases the sensation of sleep.
A white light will reduce it while it will increase, at night, with a more yellow light.
And yet, we are daily subjected to artificial lights!

But UNILUX revolutionizes the desk lamp with its connected lamps SUNLIGHT, EYELIGHT and SUNLIGHT.
By reproducing the sun’s lighting, its intelligent application “My Unilux” now brings you the ideal level of light throughout the day. Easy to use, they also adapt to your pace and your work schedule. To optimize their energy consumption, Unilux lamps are equipped with the latest generation of LEDs and turn off automatically as soon as the user moves away from them. In manual mode, all settings are allowed: intensity, color temperature, pre-programmed mode of use …
This is proven, taking care of your biological clock will limit your risk of insomnia, irritability and concentration disorders. Do not wait, try them!
UNILUX is the lighting specialist in Europe with France being its core market, providing regular information and training on a regular basis to its customers and lighting recommendations to final key-account clients.