WORK & MOVE ™. My “health-performance / coach” built into my computer

Working healthily and effectively is not always easy. To meet this challenge, BakkerElkhuizen
offers something unique: an optimal mix of ergonomic hardware and the intelligent: WORK & MOVE ™ software.

A recent scientific study has shown the positive effect of software-supported breaks during
computer-based work hours.
The number of typo mistakes decreases by 2.4%, the typing rate increases by 11.3% and the energy
of the computer user remains stable in the afternoon.
The WORK & MOVE software integrates a series of software packages that structurally improve
the activity and health of individual employees and the organization as a whole.SitStandCOACH is one of these tools. It is a training software for computer users to accompany them to regularly alternate work in sitting / standing position. This software optimizes the alternation frequency of sit-stand desks.The software “coaches” the employee throughout the working day.
The employee receives personalized advice on optimal alternations between sitting and standing.
This customization also makes it possible to adjust the software to one’s own height of sitting and standing.
The variation of the sitting / standing working position naturally increases the concentration, thus allowing an optimization of the quality of the activity.
The software is suitable for the BakkerElkhuizen “up and down” IQ Sit-Stand Desk, but it can also be used for other height-adjustable desks.
Of course, the software can also be used for conventional desks.