The traveller desk “Imoov” thought for us!

Over the course of the last decade, Hippus N.V. has become well known as the producer of the only
truly ergonomic mouse: The HandShoe Mouse.

No matter where you decide to work Imoov is

a mini folding table, whose top is anti-slip, is not bigger than a tablet, once folded, ideal in the train, the plane, a room of hotel, the garden, the kitchen,. ..all over !
Thanks to its shaped feet adapted for ergonomic use, it can be placed on your desk  this way enhancing your workstation which will avoid your neck and brachial pain. No more unwanted slips, it has a fairly large slot that is adjustable by a wheel, and that can receive any tablet or smartphone and 2 very smart slots to store our USB keys. It is compatible with 15.6 max laptops and smartphones or tablets up to 12.9. It can support up to 5kg.On top of that, the little desk is incredibly comfortable to wear, utilising soft straps that sit across the legs for stability.

More information is available online a, however, direct queries are also welcomed via