RIVOLI:The Winning Duo For design and wellbeing through light.

Born from the desire to combine the skills of the Saguez & Partners group (Isabelle Saguez, Founder and Director of the Manganese Éditions style) and Frédéric Granotier, President and Founder of Lucibel.
The new RIVOLI luminaire designed by Manganese and incorporating LiFi or Cronos technologies developed by Lucibel, provides the user with well-being and connectivity, while the Cronos innovation promotes the synchronization of the circadian rhythm by reproducing the cycle of natural sunlight and provides the employee with visual comfort, optimal efficiency and general well-being.


All this in a luminaire with a sober design, all roundness and purity. Rivoli is available in circadian rhythm or LiFi version. Cronos: to imitate the natural light of the circadian rhythm for greater well-being and comfort for users and LiFi to access the Internet through light. A communication technology using modulated LED light, LiFi allows data exchange between a specific LED light and a computer, making it possible this way to access the Internet only in the cone of light. Integrated into the Rivoli range, LiFi allows a simple and high speed connection secured by light. Rivoli is available in different finishes: rhodium, white, anthracite and wood. The Rivoli range could evolve and integrate suspensions and wall lights with the same technology and design.