AQForm OLEDRIAN suspended or wall lamp.

It is a lamp made using the latest OLED technology, designed for ceilings with plasterboard. OLED technology is currently the most perfect lighting solution in the world that uses organic LEDs. These LEDs emit light when a thin layer of organic ingredients bring the race.

The light obtained in this way is very pleasant, Characterized by a very high color rendering index, close to the natural colors and the emission of a small amount of heat. The luminous area is extremely thin, lit the entire surface quickly turns on and off, and does not contain any harmful materials. All this is done with low power consumption and long life.

Oledrian Series by AQForm is the result of collaboration lamp manufacturer Aqform and LG Chem manufacturer of OLED panels. This lamp is a uniquely modern design and unique technology, which makes it a unique product on the lighting market, not only in Poland but also across Europe. The design is by Piotr Jagiellowicz. This lamp consists of 4 luminous panels that emit a warm white light with a temp. 3000K total light output and 1460 lumens. It is available in 7 colors finishes: aluminum, white, black, red, cream, gold and anthracite with a 160cm adjustable suspension. The whole composition of square and rectangular forms closes 80cm long and 31cm wide.