Back App Chair and Back App 360 balance board

When you sit on the Back App Chair and balance on the adjustable “Magic Ball” with your feet on the footrest, you will get the following effects: you burn up to 19% more energy, you improve your posture, you get less back pain.

The Back App 360 balance board  

It allows you to balance smoothly on a dampening material – 360 degrees. Additionally, you can easily adjust how much movement you want. The following happens to your body when using Back App 360: you exercise your legs, hips, thighs and back, you improve your posture, you improve the circulation throughout your body .

Back App is sold by retailers across large parts of Europe and North America.

Exhibitor in the Ergonomics Village at A+A 2019 Dusseldorf, November 5/8, 2019
A+ A Hall 10 stand D24