CAPTIV, an innovative data acquisition system by TEA

 TEA (Tech Ergo Applications) specializes in the development, supply and implementation of wireless measurement devices for Motion, Physical activity on the Workplace, Head and Face motion, as well as Eye, Eyelid and Gaze tracking.

Applications are numerous in a large variety of fields: ergonomics (conception, HMI, software, workplace analysis), automotive, aerospace, transportation, driving assistance, human factors, biomechanics, robotics, medical research (neurology, disability, psychology, children), sports, health monitoring,

Product : CAPTIV

In collaboration with INRS (French National Institute for Research and Safety), TEA has developed CAPTIV, an innovative data acquisition system for the synchronization of video sequences together with visual observations and sensors’ measurements. CAPTIV is a simple, flexible and user-friendly solution: a PC (notebook or other) and a DV camcorder are sufficient for implementing the system. CAPTIV also enables the processing of all saved data.

Ranging from a simple pre-diagnosis tool to a complete scientific investigative and research solution, CAPTIV allows for deployment in a large variety of fields where measurements and/or observations are key requirements. CAPTIV illustrates the move towards modern ergonomics in the context of an active and scientific approach. CAPTIV is interfaced with Eye tracking systems, thus enabling the synchronous acquisition of eye movements’ data together with physiological measurements and video sequences.

CAPTIV is available worldwide through TEA’s sales network. Also TEA distributes in France, Europe and Canada solutions for Motion Analysis and Eye-Head tracking.

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